You said it's the age of skypeout
Well you know
It's more like the out-age of skype

OK I won't talk about Chairman Mao, anyhow...
Don't you know it's gonna be

By now about the mega skypeout-age is old news. What's interesting is the explanations... Here's an explanation filtered by a sceptic:

"Has Skype gotten so big that when part of its circulatory system comes under stress its entire body starts shutting down? Did Skype have a stroke?"
Some guy with an opinion, I'm too lazy to revisit the link and get his name

He's not totally convincing but I see his point... A congestion collapse could happen in theory if the p2p clients don't back off but instead try to reconnect more aggressively to other peers when they get a "busy" from some peers. But I think a simple recent bug that went undetected is as likely an explanation.

Oh yeah and it is pretty lame to blame Microsoft. What next? Are they going to blame their bugs on Sept 11th? Please don't use real tragic disasters to excuse your own recent failings!