100% wireless

Continuing with the persotechnomobilephoto upload theme:

This past weekend, I finally completed the last step of a very gradual evolution...  to H. s. sapiens radionsis i.e. the all-wireless man.  It started with giving up the telephone landline years ago and just using the cell phone.   Then, after a recent move, I could get many high-def digital TV channels completely free... via good old fashioned broadcast.

So I decided to take the leap with Internet too.   I had a  Sprint broadband wireless modem I'd been using on a laptop, and one day plugged it into my 4-year old Mac mini. That worked no problem (after  I realized I had to put in the "phone number" #777).   So now, after procrastinating for weeks,  I was finally going to look into how to enable IP forwarding in OS X and what do you know, it's right there in System Preferences under Network, there's an icon for sharing, et voila!  Now I needed a DHCP server and I was just getting ready to download and install one when, lo and behold, I see there's already one in OS X.  Oh cool,  home network done.  Right now I am sitting writing this post from my laptop, which is connected to the Internet wirelessly via the Mac, which is connected to the Sprint cellular network.   It all just works! Sometimes you just have to say: cool! This is another one of those times.

The same little mac is also the host of  my music collection and old-fashioned CD player too. It's also plugged into the TV to serve as DVD player. And of course it's a computer connected to the internet, so with bluetooth mouse and keyboard, I can kick back and surf the net on big screen.  That goes very well with boxee.tv, which makes it really hard to miss cable TV (I never really cared much for it and barely ever had it anyway). 

Two cool things. First is that the little mac mini  has totally replaced the roles normally played by a DSL/cable modem,  a WiFi router,  a home computer, a set top cable/satellite box, and a DVD/CD player.  Not only has it replaced them all, but for the home environment, it actually does a better job in many of those cases! All in one very compact, well designed little box (HDMI for example, pretty far-sighted) where all the details just worked so easily I probably spent more time writing this post than setting it all up.  What can I say but: I love OS X and the mac mini.  

The second cool thing is that  I now enjoy home Internet, TV, and phone service all wirelessly, untethered! I could just as well be living on a boat... with a big battery. 

Always remember batteries. In this wonderfully convenient wirelessness, the weak link is  the battery.  Was it Napoleon who said something about how a whole battle could turn on a simple horseshoe? Today the same can be said about batteries.