Karma Tycoon

Due to a recent ahem... incident, I stumbled across some old press coverage for Karma Tycoon. Cool! Not just because it's a fun and educational game which anyone can play free (check out the the rave reviews), but because yours truly wrote the game server.

It was a one-off contract for Do Something. 9mmedia, developed the client-side and outsourced the server-side to me at IHN, back in 2006 when IHN needed some cash. It ended up being a pretty cool project... 9mmedia guys are great to work with. I highly recommend them.

The game was fun and interesting to design and implement (but not the schedule -- that was rough especially since I was also busy with some other stuff). We used red5 to interface between the java server and flash client. I was also able to use some components of Merkato too, which was nice.

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