Super STAR

Once again, the mainstream media have miserably failed the world. We've patiently waited, but more than 4 months after September 19, 2006, acres of newsprint and billions of bytes have been devoted to Bush's speech at the UN, to the coup in Thailand, even to "the hearty souls around the globe who joined in the fun on Talk Like A Pirate Day 2006" for God's sake... but there has been almost no mention of perhaps the most significant event of that fateful day of September 19, 2006: the awarding of United States patent 7110977.

One exception should be noted, the mighty NYSTAR News. Defying the editorial decisions of such giants as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, who during that autumn went with the aforementioned stories and more meaningless verbiage about the upcoming 2006 US federal elections, the fearless newsletter of the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research, uncovered the historic gem of a story: "Nemo Semret and Aurel Lazar were awarded a patent for systems and methods for allocating resources using spot market and derivative market techniques. The patent was assigned to The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York", wrote that paragon of prescient journalism. Three cheers for the NYSTAR News: hip hip... hooray! Etc.